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Teatro Grattacielo

Creative Team

Cultural Outreach Officer

Exuberance comes to mind being part of the creative team at Teatro Grattacielo. The opportunity to share my passion for the performing arts through philanthropy and cultural outreach is the ultimate ovation, Bravi Tutti...the best is yet to come! 


Camerata Bardi

Young Artist Program

Camerata Bardi International Academy's initiatives for young artists not only involve a high-level of preparation for world stages, but also promotion through productions, live and virtual, with an eye on innovation, filmography and multi media arts. In Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy and Teatro Grattacielo, we believe that it is the role of Artists to help see the world in new ways. We also believe in the diversity of artistic voices and cultures found in the New York Community and around the world.

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